Thursday, 24 March 2016

Close Encounter With Another Eschewed Good Intention.

The roads are littered with them.

Walking with a friend who happens to be single, yesterday, I had a moment's pause when she was ( and I hope it was a generalization ) spewing forth on the #1 relationship killer...The Television! Gosh, I nearly stumbled over my guilt and it reached dangerous levels when she mentioned the bad form of eating dinner in front of the evil thing.

My whole walk I listened to her with only one ear while in my mind was trying to count the times Bob and I have sat at the dinner table for supper.

You know, she might have a point and perhaps that is another major contributor to this unbelievable high divorce rate. Just the other day someone mentioned a couple deciding to split after they had just celebrated their Golden, really, they should have just done it after the Silver one!

Distant memories of being single broke through the -What should I cook for dinner?- thought pattern which is ever present with us married folk. There were so many good intentions I was not only going to adopt, but to keep for good. None of those silly mistakes I saw the braggers do. You know, those irritating couples that dress alike, talk alike, sound alike and never ever fight.

Ruminating, for an hour's walk, on the evils of television ( sadly I am a loyal disciple ) and how to re-introduce this good intention, that I or perhaps even Le Bob had thrown by the wayside very likely mere minutes after the courting stage was done & dusted. Perhaps it was both of us when we realized the joys of watching Friends re-runs while tucking into a nice homemade pizza.

Well, the minute I got home, I broadsided Bob:

" I was just reminded how bad it is for any relationship to watch TV while eating or in fact while being awake. We should eat at the dinner table from now on, with the evil one turned off! "

Ironically enough, it took a minute before Bob even heard me over the noise of Puls Vier Frühstück TV but when he did, he raised his eyebrows with exaggerated care, sighed a long sigh and reigned in my abundant silliness with one sentence:

" Honey, we've been happily together for nearly 13 years with the TV on, why change a good thing? "

Just goes to show that I married well...