Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Burying My Head In A Historic Novel.

A genre to forget the world's troubles.

What brought it on, you might wonder? Well, anyone who does occasionally watch the news will have noticed that for the longest of times one thread has been running through each and every news program and it culminated yesterday into Super Tuesday. When I spent a few hours over at some neighbours, I nearly turned tail when they also started discussing this eventful Tuesday.

A pre-election of sorts and when I picture the end in November, I understand that the news is going to have to be a non topic in our house.

Somehow I can't imagine the amount of energy and strength it must take for the candidates themselves to be on the campaign trail for over a year. Apart from anything else, I admire them for that, because it must be simply exhausting.
When so much misery is happening almost everywhere, a misery which could be made a bit less miserable with donations of dollars, it boggles the mind to imagine the amount of money being paid by these political parties. Who hasn't heard the outrageous amount paid during a Superbowl for advertising and there will certainly be a trusty few who are laughing all the way to the bank.

But, I cannot change the world and I would love to know what the Founding Fathers of America would make of all this hoopla and at times, less than polite language?

Our thoughts are constantly swirling about in our heads and last night, I picked up an old Georgette Heyer again and even though I have read it in the past, it was so nice to be immersed in a world without all these modern headline acts. A breath of fresh air and a wonderful collage of quaint expressions.

Again, I am jolly grateful that I love reading because those who are not very fond of it, aren't able to escape into the fabulous fictional world where life tends to have a habit of working out famously.

Is there anything nicer than finding refuge within the pages of a novel?