Thursday, 21 January 2016

Being Friendly Is The Most Powerful Trait To Have!

All it takes is a smile and a friendly word to put someone at ease.

I had occasion to visit a governmental place in order to renew a document and as you are reading this, I am sure you can imagine why I have procrastinated a fair amount before I got going...

Throughout the years of my adulthood, I had many encounters with a representative of government ( just in case you're wondering, it never was with the long arm of the law... ) and as most of these lucky lot do have jobs for life in a monopoly, the need for being friendly is not usually top priority. I don't know about you, but honestly, the idea of having to go in front of a glass enclosed counter, fills me with dread and nervousness.

Well, there I was yesterday, quaking in my boots wondering how much of a bite this person might have, when she dished out friendliness in spades. It was so unexpected and simply nice. Those few minutes of being treated with friendliness, have erased many memories of unfriendly encounters from the past.

At school most are taught the art of maths, languages and sciences in order to have a successful life down the road. But, I tend to believe that it doesn't matter how clever and educated you are unless you know how to be friendly as well. Being friendly will open doors of opportunities much faster then mere education.

Perhaps the need to be brief online ( the 140 character messages tend to squeeze out any excess form of emotions ) has robbed many of the ability to apply emotions such as friendliness off line.

Being friendly can move mountains and if you don't believe me, just try and say something horrible to a person who is showering you with genuine friendliness...not possible at all.

Imagine how much strife could be avoided if we all went about our daily lives with a dash of friendliness mixed into it ...