Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Ying & The Yang Of Catdom.

Winter shall pass and summer will come.

While we are having this cold spell at the moment, it is a godsend to have my own little hot water bottle. All three and a half kilos of her. Oh yes, but even a hot water bottle has a price.

Since the major rule of no cat on the bed was scratched by eh, myself, there hasn't been a night where our cat hasn't found a warm spot on our bed. She loves to burrow between duvet and top blanket yet always in touch with either a leg, hip or chest belonging to Bob or I.

Oh, it is jolly nice to have a warm little cat cuddling up next to one, when it is cold. Last night the first inkling of times ahead in our cat ownership made itself known. As cute as she is, at a hefty 3,5 kg her weight seemed to multiply during the night. I gently moved her to a spot next to my legs instead of on them and you know what, her ladyship didn't like it...

She gave me a sound between a growl and a meow and promptly settled herself back to where she was. After three tries I gave up. You try and be consistent at 2 am.

At one stage, she hopped off my couch ( yes, we had fallen asleep in front of the telly ) in protest and went over to Bob's couch. As she was about to jump on top of him, he snorted a snore so loud that she fled back to the safe haven of my couch. But not before she did a few minutes of pushing a squeaky ball around the toy tray perhaps as a type of revenge?

Poor Bob isn't used to the unexpected cat jump in the middle of the night and sleep cycle. It can be very frightening and also needs quick reactions as she has a habit of moving around the face area and often her behind is a bit too close for comfort.

Well, even though it seems unimaginable now, the hot summers are on approach. Summers of over 40 degrees and nights that feel about the same. How on earth am I going to dissuade our little cat ( who will have doubled in size and weight ) that it is too hot for her to be on our legs etc.

Oh, I see fun times ahead...!