Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Purity And Innocence Of Snow.

Another visual meander through a snow covered village in Südburgenland...

This photo has so many elements of snow. Snow covered branches, snow covered fields and a roof laden down with a blanket of snow.
It seems so desolate yet, it has an aura of beauty around it. The wide endless fields, fields of beauty and bounty all in one. Isn't nature divine?
Same hunter's lookout but from a different angle. Both have a sense of wistfulness about it...our lives have become so filled with stress and always doing, that we've neglected to just be in and among nature...
The basic elegance of a bit of railing. It provides a dash of interest among the uniformity of snow.
It might look like a road to nowhere but actually it is the road to somewhere, somewhere where they grow a most divine row of vines...
Even when topped with snow, a hay bale has interesting features.
It was so slippery, that I almost could have had a moon landing!