Monday, 4 January 2016

What If It Was All Okay?

Imagine how marvelous life would be...

Yes, rather sadly that time of the year has arrived with a gallop and as nice as the festivities of the last two weeks were, a lot of us are knuckling down to some serious resolutions. You know, those silly New Year's ones.

We all know that they don't last more than at the most three weeks. Even knowing that it is a stupid idea, the thoughts of self denial are omnipresent and swirling about. Just in case they aren't, not to worry, endless adverts on loosing weight are shown.

They must really think of us as gullible because when you think of their promises to lose weight forever with a new gimmick, it stands to reason that it would be a finite business and all the users would be thin forever... Gosh, even the queen of dieting has started a new one. Yet another winner...? Oprah's latest is Weight Watchers and I can remember the time when she starved herself with a diet drink back in the 80's. Oh yes, they all work, don't they?

Anyway, what if it was normal to be a bit more portly over the festive season. What if instead of making us feel like weak and spineless fools, the shops would just put an elasticated pair of trousers in their windows and adverts...

Dear Customers, here are a lovely pair of Bridging Pants for you. Trendy, stylish and comfortable.

All those countless self denials doing the rounds at the moment, might not be necessary after all. When are we ( myself included ) going to realize that we are all different, all unique and all beautiful the way we are.

  • Warts and all.
  • Padding and all.
  • Mean streak and all.
  • Untidiness and all.

The way we look is just like the wrapping paper of a present. The real us is on the inside and only discovered and appreciated when we dig past the pretend layering of wrapping that society demands of us.