Friday, 22 January 2016

It Just Feels Like The Other Day That It Was The Hahnenkamm.

That awesome Kitzbühel Downhill, also called The Streif...

One only realizes how fast a year has gone, when you compare dates or happenings. Take the annual Kitzbühel Classic men's downhill for example. Gosh, that year flew by at a gallop and yet at times the pace felt more like a slow ambling gait.

The buildup is huge and one could call it the Superbowl / Durban July / Kentucky Derby or Wimbledon Tournament of Austria. Alpine skiing is as important here as rugby is in South Africa. During winter, school classes have skiing trips during term time and most can ski.

The downhill discipline is of course the most exciting to watch and perhaps that is because of the speeds they reach gliding downhill on an icy surface at over 130 kph. Death defying indeed.

Last year they brought out a movie showing the blood, sweat and tears that make it possible to even compete in the race. On Wednesday they aired it on TV and I couldn't wait to see it...indeed, by 8.10pm I was in that notorious deep-TV-slumber. Never mind, Bob watched the whole movie and is now an even bigger fan.

Streif - One Hell of a Ride

Just like with any big sporting event, we have decided to spectate in style. You know, with a plate of chip & dip, perhaps a frankfurter or two. On Bob's plate everything might be covered in homemade chutney that a friend of mine has made for him. He is the hugest chutney fan. At the moment, everything I cook gets a portion of chutney on the side. The big jar is getting rather bereft of content and Bob's told me he would contact my friend for the recipe.

Bob likes to keep his cards close to his chest and I only got an inkling yesterday of how much he has morphed into a proper Streif fan, when he cheekily posted a message on Facebook. He told all and sundry not to visit while the race was on! Even this morning he has put his support behind Hannes Reichelt. I am in a bit of a quandary as my man Felix, is more of a Slalom man...

The race is famous in many parts of the world and celebrities are approaching en masse. In itself, the event has grown into fashion shows, cocktail parties and mingling of the rich and famous. Quite rightly, one man gets top billing. A man who grew up an hour down the road and has reached the pinnacles of politics and Hollywood. Yes, Arnie is back...