Monday, 19 September 2016

A Changing Of The Guards.

A strong bond of friendship.

Deutsch Schützen had their Kirtag yesterday and it was a success which the who's who of most surrounding villages attended. Packed to the rafters and as the day progressed, they had to put out more and more tables. Super. Nice.

Sitting outside with my parents and Bob, it gave me the perfect opportunity to peruse the scene. People watching is interesting and insightful. I like it. As with any village fete, kids were in abundance and makes one wonder whether the rural air is more conducive to the storks and their little parcels of joy.

The food and drinks were served without delay and the Schnitzel Semmel that I had was rather tasty indeed. I would perhaps have been tempted to get a slice of homemade cake, if it hadn't involved a long trek to the front of the packed hall to choose it. Of course I was slightly mad with myself when I got home, because all I had an inclination for was a nice piece of cake. Serves me right.

From our English language expeditions to the various villages, we do know quite a few of the youngens and some even greeted us before we greeted them! Last year, at any village function this bunch of youngens ( a group of about 10 friends ) were still mainly whiling their time away, playing soccer, tag, or some form of hide & seek. They mostly were boisterous, outside and never ever sat down except to wolf down their food.

Well, I couldn't believe it...yesterday, this bunch of youngens shook off their childhood mantle and any games associated with it and were parking their behinds on a bench. Yes, they have progressed to a table. There they were, sitting and discussing life ( parents, school & girlfriends no doubt ) while sipping their lemonades.

What these friends have is a rare bond, a bond that is disappearing fast in our globalized world. They have known each other since they were born, have been in kindergarten together and are now mostly attending school together. Living in one place your whole childhood, is a treat that hopefully they cherish for the rare treasure it is.