Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Chimney Sweep Tends To Be A Good Luck Symbol.

Well, more like a good person really.

Who can say that they set their yearly time table by the appearance of a chimney sweep? Not so many, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, were chimneys are often more of an ornament to complement the lounge's look.

As per usual, I almost forgot, well I did and would have looked silly if my mum hadn't reminded me in the morning. Thank goodness for mums. Especially mums that write down stuff and dates. We are on the same chimney sweep rotation by the way. Later when I chatted to the sweep, I fessed up about having forgotten and mum's reminder...

" At least somebody writes it down. "
don't worry, I will try to make more of an effort.

But, this chimney sweep, dressed all in black, his hands and face with touches of soot, is the nicest of guys. Always friendly, always smiling, never in a hurry. Four times per year he does the rounds of chimneys. He has to climb into attics and I mostly want to cringe when he has to climb into ours...a small opening reached from a rickety ladder.

" Don't stress, your's isn't the worst. "
Well, that's nice to know.

Yesterday was another extremely hot day and even the thought of using an oven seemed outrageous, but we tend to forget that in almost three ( yes, three ) months, another personality will use the chimney. Dressed in red this time and the larger the chimney the bigger the presents that come down it. Or that is many a youngster's reasoning.

Routine is one of these comforting things. For me at least. Seeing this good luck figure sets the stamp on the gallop of summer and gently prepares us for the cold winter. Routine, helps to cement roots of life and it is awesome when those roots are associated with someone nice and friendly.

As for the good luck symbol, the chimney sweep carries good luck with him and even being around him for ten minutes starts the good luck osmosis. Yeah, yeah, it's a great day.