Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Abundance Dangled Over Our Gate.

A nice start to the week.

It seems that our village could double as egg-central ( not to be confused with eccentric ) any day. Actually more like our little neighbourhood. There is Willy up the road who has several handfuls of chickens providing industriously for the English breakfast crowd of two, and there is also Ferry.

Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while, will know that he is the lawnmower driver, he with the Ray-Bans. The nicest guy by the way. Anyway he also has a handful of hens who are slowly popping out eggs. He did tell me that in the beginning the eggs were more like egg-lets and very sporadic too.

Now and again I take Ferry to the doctor's and as a thank you, he has given me eggs before, also a cubic meter of wood, or even taken Bob and I for lunch at Bruni's.

Eggs, shouldn't be taken for granted. Not only because of the hen's leisure but don't forget, eggs from happy free roaming chickens are at times a luxury and should be appreciated. Once you've tasted these eggs and seen their orange yellow yolk, it is very difficult to eat the battery laid eggs. Not to mention the plight of those poor suffering chickens.

It was just before lunch time that I came back home and as I was about to open our gate I saw a purple packet dangling vicariously over it. There is only one person who leaves packets dangling like that...Ferry. Sure enough, when I looked inside it, I saw two full egg boxes. Twenty eggs, a fortune.

Bob came home for lunch a few minutes later and I was able to make him a nice fry up for it...delicious indeed. As I was frying the eggs, I heard the familiar sound of Ferry returning home form his sojourn in the woods and tried to run out and thank him in person, but alas, he was too quick for me. Although I did phone him later!

His lawnmower's pitch is well known in the neighbourhood which at times is teeming with many others. For some reason the older lot prefer to mow their lawn at leisure and also use their lawnmower like a golf cart to go and meander around the village in hot pursuit of village news.

Just goes to show that abundance is everywhere...