Thursday, 1 September 2016

September Again!

Time stands still for no one.

Isn't it amazing how fast time sneaks passed us without giving us a nudge, hint or clue that the best way to live is in the Now? Just the other day it was the end of May, school holidays were counted down in style ( each day on the calendar crossed out with glee ) and a hint of summer was in the air. Well, that has gone by rather quickly.

On Monday, Burgenland's scholars are returning to their school desks and I am guessing not with much elan either. Who would after two months of sleeping till lunchtime, going swimming with friends and never even having to worry about any tests or homework.

Of course there is one group of children who are eagerly awaiting the start of the school year. Yes, the first timers who are so excited at having the mysteries of school explained to them by teachers instead of their parents.

Burgenland has a wonderful policy of giving each new first grader one hundred euros to help defray the costs of pens, pencils etc. Great, isn't it?

Ironic how at each stage of our schooling, we get put back to start: After a few years of kindergarten and finally being a senior with mega clout ( being able to choose which game to play and having a posse of followers ) you go back to basics and become a newbie at school, where you have to start afresh at carving your place in its social pecking order...high school, university and real work have the similar tendencies and come to think of it, so does everyday living.

For the last few weeks, summer has put out all the stops so that we won't forget it. Hot, sunny and languid days indeed. Almost too hot for me, but since yesterday there has been a soothing cool breeze doing the early morning rounds. Cool enough to need a jacket. Lovely.

September is also the time to pick the grapes now dangling enticingly on the vines and send them to their next stop on route to becoming the nectar of gods and, eh, ordinary mortals. An exciting aspect to the year as often friends and family from far flung places come home to help out for those few crucial days of wine harvesting...

Life, isn't it great?