Friday, 30 September 2016

Yet Another Funny Blonde Moment.

And there I thought that my grey streaks would temper blonde incidents...

My dad has very kindly sent me his digital camera because he had noticed that mine had those inexplicable spots hovering over the lens. He posted it from New York on Monday and on Thursday afternoon our postman brought my treasure to me.

I unpacked it, did a few inside shots of my dozing cat and a couple of hours later went to visit one of our neighbours. ( The delightful elderly spinster who has great fun and joy with her neighbour's two new kittens. ) She was in her garden replanting potted flowers into several flower pots to be taken to grace her family's grave. Can you believe that she replanted seventy-two potted flowers altogether?

She carried on filling these pots while I sat next to her on a tree stump and we chatted about this that and yet another funeral. When I asked her where the cute cats were, she dropped her voice and said that often they come over to follow her every step but that she had learnt to outfox them at midday.

Noon is her time to go inside and make lunch, but now this former leisurely walk has morphed into a dash and a sprint to outrun her feline entourage. Apparently they even scratch and meow outside her closed front door. Despite telling me about this noon dash with a sort of
' Gosh, can you believe what I have to put up with ' intonation, she has clearly fallen hook line and sinker for those two feline rascals and they have rejuvenated her life.

After a good hour or so, I started my homeward journey but noticed the most beautiful coloured shrubs further on in her garden. In a flash I had my new camera out and snapped away. She was quite chuffed and showed me the various points of beauty. So far, the cats had not made an appearance and as we neared the front of her garden, she stopped and wouldn't go turns out that her voice and step attracts the little kittens and she did want to go inside.

Too late, suddenly a most stunningly patterned little ball of mischief rounded the corner and made a beeline for her. Of course she cooed over it and was thrilled when I pulled out the camera yet again. This kitten posed like a pro and could quite easily grace the cover of Cat Monthly.

Eventually I made my way home. Having used this camera for the first time, I couldn't wait to upload the photos onto my computer. After having cuddled Mausi for a few minutes and having greeted Bob ( eh, in that order too ), I settled down in front of the computer, opened the little slot on the camera in order to take the chip out when...I stared into a blank space! Yes, yours truly has taken at least thirty photos without a chip in the camera.