Friday, 16 September 2016

Goodness, A Supermarket Stalking Affair..

Is it her, or isn't it her?

A normal casual trip to the supermarket got a bit more interesting, if not a tad embarrassing. I blame many things on it, chiefly my new prescription sunglasses and the lack of modern etiquette being practiced by the younger set.

There is no better feeling than driving with my new sunglasses. The whole vista is transformed into a sharp and rosy coloured backdrop and makes driving super fun. But as I am perfectly visioned with my sunglasses I tend to leave my other inside glasses at home. Look, I can see without them, but often people in the distance seem a bit foreign. Maybe they are after all...

Anyway, I was on aisle two at our local Spar when I thought I saw a neighbour of ours. One from a few houses up the road and not one I have spoken too. The odd nod, but on the whole she doesn't really make a point of greeting. So, I formed a plan to go and say hello, but only if it was her...

Famous last words indeed. There I saw her mostly as she changed aisles and as I had just entered said aisle, I sort of stared to see if it was her. Stalker alert for sure. You know, until the check out I went about my shopping, eg standing in front of the ice cream fridge and thinking:

' If I buy this ice cream will I get back in time before it melts, and do I have space in the freezer oh, surely it must be her?

Even in my check out aisle, she was two behind me but had a conversation with the person behind her and the opportunity fizzled as if a nail had been stuck into it. And I was still not so sure that it was her. Only when I went to pack my groceries into the chariot, did I espy her vehicle...oh yes, that one I recognized immediately as I do walk passed it most mornings.

Good grief, I just had a flashback to my younger days and shopping every evening after work in a supermarket and thinking that this or that hot looking guy might like me, when in fact he might have just wondered where he'd seen me before and if he should greet me out of politeness. Tres embarrassing.

Remember, that back in the day, a supermarket was the best place for singles to hang out without having to go online to find the perfect date. Many a romance might have started in the dairy, bread or wine isle...