Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A Seat At The Table Completes Our Cat's Exciting Afternoon Adventure.

Who says that cats aren't human?

It had gone on four in the afternoon when I came home, knowing I had about ten minutes before one of my extra lesson charges would arrive. First time as he has just entered the hallowed and often scary grounds of high school.

As per usual, Mausi greeted my return with happy meows and numerous figure of eight circles. I love that, by the way. On my way to wash my hands, I heard her play with one of her toys, the squeaky kind. High pitched and rather irritating.

Thinking it would disturb my lesson, I went to take it from her but to my surprise and not inconsiderable dismay, she was standing away from the toy and the squeaking continued. Yikes. A real mouse affair. Double yikes that Bob was at work, which meant that I had to step up to the plate...

Normally I'd have left the dealing of mouse business for Bob ( a manly job, don't you think? ) but a young guy was coming around for his English lesson and that left me about ten minutes to sort it out. By the sounds coming from our bedroom, our Mausi was having the time of her life chasing a small little mouse around.

Somehow I had visions of either a mouse running around under our feet while we'd be learning English or, even worse, our cat proudly doing a Godfather imitation and dropping a headless mouse in front of us. Good lord, that would cause a stir in our village.

I got a bowl, and after several attempts finally plonked it on top of the mouse. Sliding a newspaper underneath it, I managed to give this frightened little thing another go at life outside our house. Across the road, just in case it wanted to come back into the horror chamber.

Even though I wanted to say " Yeew and eeeh " I made sure to praise our cat, as this was the very reason she came into our home. The catching of mice. Remember that we live on the edge of a corn field and as soon as they harvest, the mice look for a new adventure with us.

Luckily I had saved a potentially embarrassing mouse situation and when the little chap arrived, we sat at our kitchen table, and started the conjugation of To Be. A few minutes later, our lovely cat jumped on a chair next to him, and started to follow the lesson.

Not wanting to distract him, I shooed her off ( three times, for she was determined to take part in the lesson ) and her last perch was a chair across the table from me, out of reach and all we could see was her little head peeping over the table's edge, wondering what we were doing. Too cute for words, and proof that she is clever and most definitely our pride and joy.