Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Re-Use Box, How Cool Is That?

Südburgenland trumps yet again...

Only this morning I was perusing a free magazine ( normally they do go straight & unread to the recycle bin ) and saw this tiny advert for this magic invention:

The Re-Use Box
and just like the name says, it gives a hand at reusing our prolific possessions. Let's face it, there are so many things we'd all like to get rid of, yet we are too lazy to go and set up a flea market table. Merely tossing it out into the wide sphere of rubbish options feels too much of a waste as they are usually still good things only not things we want any more.

Books are paper, yet it would break my heart to put them into the paper recycling bin. Well, this re-use box is a normal sized cardboard box, which can be filled with all those items you will never use again, but you'd like other people to get use out of.

There are collection points where the B.M.V. ( one of Burgenland's refuse company ) picks up the boxes, and takes the contents to be sorted and resold at a minimal price at a Re-Use Shop in Oberpullendorf. A real second hand shop, one which incidentally I've been hoping to find in our area. As I've just discovered this marvel of an idea this morning, I will have to ask my trusty man to drive me to Oberpullendorf ( instead of mad ) to have a snoop around this second hand shop.

Just at the top of my head, there are several items I can put into this box. Books, toys, jeans that will never fit me ever again...

...Yes, we all need to face this at some point in our adult lives. we'll never be as thin as we were in our 20's. It used to be just one pair but lately the top shelf of my cupboard is filled with these never to be worn items.
a fancy beer glass and the ultimate dust collector, a vase.

No folks, just in case you were wondering how large this box is...putting an irritating spouse in it isn't allowed...or is it?