Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Deutsch Schuetzen Bathed In A Hazy Glow.

Early morning mist, eh, fog that is...

The start of my Deutsch Schützen round is breathtaking in itself. A stony path guarded by a row of fruit trees, ending at the local chapel. Apples and pears mostly.
Yes, still same walk, same time, same day. Today. A mere turn in the path took me on course with the rising sun. A hazy warm glow was cosseting the whole of the village. Soul food indeed.
The church tower always seems so close to everything and of course it is, as the villages were built around the church. A place where everything happens in a small village.
Christenings, Confirmations, Weddings, Funerals, Church teas and of course, Sundays.
As we are surrounded by forests, or so it seems, there are many tree houses to be found. This one was on my route, and it must be great fun to sit and reflect on life up in the safe palm of this tree.
A photo of nothing and yet of needn't be lived in super-sized moments. A mere glimpse of quietness, albeit wrapped in a warm glow, can do wonders.
Round trip completed, a few people met and nice exchanges had. All before eight o'clock...