Thursday, 8 September 2016

Punkt. To The Point.

The new way to phone smartly.

For a while it felt as if it was just me and a few grown ups, who didn't use or have a Smartphone. Partly because of costs and partly because of the other cost involved, my spare time, and the way I see the Smartphone set proudly strutting about, spare time is an antique relic, just like the Studebaker was for us.

I was pleased as punch to hear a news segment about a new group of Smartphone renegades, the perhaps new In-crowd?. They are a subset of Smartphone users who've cottoned on to the loss of spare time, thought or anything else. They are switching to a new cell phone, an upgraded modern version of the good old cell phone. A phone, that is only there to actually make calls...

If you need a Smartphone to do your work, fair enough, but most others use it constantly to peruse social media or take pictures for Instagram. For a while I was flirting with the idea of joining Instagram and actually did sign up only to be told that I would need a Smartphone to upload photos, thanks but no thanks.

All those hashtag names are confusing anyway. Newly weds are fun to unwittingly follow ( for some reason they copy everything onto their Facebook stream ) as they settle into married life and over the course of their first year of marriage use less and less soppy adjectives to describe each other.

Well, this new cell phone, The Punkt., seems the antithesis to the new iPhone 7 that has just been released. If I had been using Apple products in the past, this recent tax debacle would have changed me toute de suite to a Punkt. user. Funny, how instead of being embarrassed at being caught less than socially minded ( taxes do pay for social programs ) and remedying it, they are fighting it...what is this world coming to?

I hope The Punkt. will go mainstream, as that would portend well for future parties, evenings out and holidays taken...people will start to talk to and with each other again without being constantly distracted by the ping of that small rectangular device in their hand.