Sunday, 25 September 2016

Bob Joins The Family Firm.

While I get to re-calibrate my safety zone.

There are only so many occasions during the day, or rather week, that our little cat turns into a ferocious tiger. Muscles quivering while doing her own brand of in-room-skating. In other words running circles with proverbial froth if not glee hanging from her mouth.

At exactly a quarter past eight last night those symptoms erupted and the only reason I am so precise with my timing is that it was the start of a murder mystery on TV. Gosh darn it, if I were to miss the murder, I might as well have called it a night and gone to bed. Only one alternative. The Bobster was playing on his computer, that is until I made him aware of the tiger in our bedroom. Eh no, not me.

Succinctly and with one eye on the plot, I told him the facts and how to sort it out. Our cat had a mouse in her sights not to mention her paws.

It wasn't so much out of kindness ( although Bob is very kind ) but out of a desire to also catch a mouse with his bare hands like I did on Monday. Well not bare hands, but with two hands and a bowl. Off he went into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. All I heard as he went in;

" Honey, let's catch this mouse. "
Honestly, the plot on the telly paled in comparison with the sounds and noises coming out of our bedroom. I couldn't resist and forsaking my movie, headed for our Mouse Gladiator's Colosseum. High pitched screams ( either from Bob or the frightened mouse ) and our cat thumping about all over the wooden floor.

As I opened the door, I saw a sight that I wished I hadn't. Bob was standing next to the window, holding the bowl over the top of the curtain. He could barely reach it with his outstretched hands, so you know how high that was....

" What on earth are you doing? "
" Quick come here and help me. The mouse has climbed to the top of the curtain just below the rail. "
Being a good wife, I helped him yet mind mind was recounting the many nights that I deemed myself out of rodent reach, being a foot off the ground. Well, that safe harbour has gone for good!

My only feeling of comfort is our precious cat who is doing such a sterling job at keeping the mice away from mummy. As Bob caught the mouse last night, he carried it across the road and released it into the wilds of Eisenberg. My dear neighbours, don't fret, the mouse wasn't released anywhere near you homes.

When he got back, he fetched a cat treat ( a long thin salami type of treat ) and gave it to our cat while praising her effusively...I dare you to try and find a dull moment among our delightfully fun rural life.