Saturday, 24 September 2016

It Doesn't Always Have To Be Pristine.

A different side to life.

A mere glimpse back made me stumble over a slice of old world charm, coupled with beauty, authenticity and humbleness.

Most of the little Burgenland villages have homes that are perfectly kept with the owners having sleepless nights over a chip in the wall, never mind a crack in it. Lawns and gardens are kept pristine and somehow rather uniform.

Bob and I are enthusiastic supporters of the Keep it authentically real movement also known as the club of those whose house has wrinkles and lines that tell its story. A house with character. Not many of us about. Not many have the guts to go against trend and norm. Alright, to be truthful, we'd rather read a book then fill in cracks. Yes, we are a bit lazy.

Driving home from an English lesson in a neighbouring Hungarian village, made me pause in awe. Yes, the roads are blessed with potholes, the houses do have cracks and aren't freshly painted but, there was such charm and beauty in this road, that it made me stop and admire. A few roses in a front garden gave it even more depth and grace.

Not that long ago, Hungary was part of the Eastern bloc and we can still see where the Iron Curtain ran alongside the beautiful Pinka river. Some of the old guard towers are thankfully slowly rotting away. Life back then was hard and surviving was the name of the game.

Maybe I am wrong, but I tend to imagine that any money one earned was spent from the inside out; food, clothing, schooling, furniture, garden and finally if possible the house.

As wonderful as it is to have a house, we mustn't forget to enjoy it and have fun in it. Let it develop character while we are busy living life.

Society is so fond of perfection - be it in women who spend a fortune to look emotionless and like peas in a pod or homes that have to outdo the neighbour's one - that we have slightly lost the plot...real beauty develops through living life and not hiding any wrinkles earned.