Monday, 5 September 2016

And Before Bob Could Blink, I Was On Top Of The Sofa.

Our cat finally earns her keep...

There are many other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon and I wish I could have. Believe me, standing there on top of the couch, screaming like a girl for Bob to do something while the cat played tag with a mouse, wasn't such a proud moment.

It started innocently enough with me watching Wedding Date for the xth time ( pray tell, who doesn't on a Sunday? ), and our cat sleeping, clearly with one eye open, through most of the movie. As the last scene had me entranced in a fairy tale bubble, I only heard her frantic antics in the vestibule because they kept encroaching on my fairy tale. Pausing the DVD, I turned my head just in time to see her inserting her paw into Bob's work shoe. With elegance and self assurance.

" Quickly Bob, have a look at how cute she plays with your left shoe! "
There he was, trying to help her with whatever she had found interesting in this shoe, when even the Bobster screamed like a girl as a tiny little mouse fell out of the upturned shoe, almost onto his chest!

Bob stood frozen, I instantly sought refuge on top of our sofa and the only sane one, ahem, was Mausi toying and playing with this mouse. I thought she had already killed it as she was carrying it around in her mouth with pride and joy.

At one stage she headed towards her mummy with her bounty bouncing around in her mouth, when she dropped it...oh no, on the contrary, the little mouse was alive and kicking and alarmingly headed for my couch. With Mausi in hot pursuit, and in a state of excitement and euphoria.

Gosh, what a brave little soul indeed. I alternated between berating her and praising her for her excellent hunting abilities. The one thought that never crossed my mind was that she'd lose in the cat & mouse affair. The mouse hid behind the sofa, indeed rather too close for my comfort, and after trying to lure her out into the open, Mausi decided that this game was not fun anymore. Goodness, where is her patience? As we speak, she is slumbering on our window sill and yes, the other mouse is still on the loose...

" Oh yes, you are darn right...I am not going to sleep well, if at all tonight. "