Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Nice Blonde Day Will Do Wonders For The Soul.

The Bobster gets a head's up.

Years of working in a hair salon have made me wise to the fact that almost most men don't notice a freshly coiffed wife or girlfriend.

" Oh, I bet you he won't notice my new cut and colour, until he sees the credit card bill! "

Unless of course the woman in question cut her hair from long to very short, or from brown to blonde....often a last effort to be noticed at home. Sadly, from my observations, it also meant a relationship split wasn't that far off.

At times I felt like phoning the men and giving them a hint before their loved one got home. Even my own honey bunch, a.k.a. The Bobster hardly ever noticed my refreshed hairdo. Only those odd times he had to ask me something and saw me sitting there, wrapped in tinfoil and making him smile because I reminded him of his favourite genre, Sci-Fi.

Well, yesterday, finally I organized with my favourite and by the way, the best hairdresser there is, to have more blonde put in. My mother. After years of sitting in a salon while having the tresses seen to, it makes rather a welcome change to sit in the kitchen, next to the Aga stove and have the foils put in. Surprisingly, my mother can foil my whole head in about 30 minutes. Before you panic, remember that she was a hairstylist for years.

As I was sitting there with a head full of foils, looking rather like a Sputnik groupie, we heard the helicopter hovering over Deutsch Schützen. Never a nice sound as it harbingers someone's pain. It was the medical rescue helicopter. Trying to go outside to have a look, was nixed when I saw a neighbour on the street. If they saw me with a head of tinfoil, they would think I was mad, as surely they've never seen something like it. His wife has short natural brown hair.

When I got home a bit later and please bear in mind that the Bobster knew where I was going and for what reason, I stood next to him in the vestibule and smiled expectantly at him. He, looked rather confused,

" Good god, what's up with you? "

Ah, I suppose it is a compliment to my hairstylist, as it means that no outrageous change or colour mistake was made. When I asked him how he liked my new colour...he merely mumbled that it looked like always.