Friday, 30 December 2016

Yet Another Christmas Tree Gets Taken Down.

A real lumberjack affair.

Our rural bliss has a few less blissful bits and a large and stunning fir tree in our yard unfortunately posed a threat to a power line and thus had to get the chop. Not very tree-hugger-ish but one strong storm could have uprooted this tree and perhaps taken out the village's electricity and in the process granted us persona non grata status.

Energie Burgenland is our electricity provider and we were amazed not to mention very fortunate to hear that they have a designated lumberjack team who scour the neighbourhoods for errant trees. Yes, a special unit with chain saws....Did I mention that it cost us nothing? They are indeed so special, that they come and assess the potential toppling danger first and in our case they came back a few months later to do the deed.

The only downside being that the Bobster and I had to find a way to dispose of the trunk. A ten odd meter trunk. Ever so slowly the two of us are finding our rural feet but the disposing of tree trunks is still a theoretical exercise for us...we love our limbs and fingers etc. far too much!

The beauty of living in our little hamlet is that we have fabulous neighbours. Herbert, is a neighbour extraordinaire who always goes out of his way to help us. Quite clearly he has deciphered the frown lines on our forehead in regards to rural adventures. This morning we got a phone call:

" Good morning guys. I'm coming over with the tractor to help you sort out the tree trunk. "
Did I mention that it is the 30th of December and freezing cold? Wow, what a great guy. Most neighbours will lend you a cup of sugar but not many will lend you a hand, tractor and expertise to sort out major rural problems.

I love life in Burgenland.

A chilly yet fantastic start to a cold winter's morning in our back garden.