Thursday, 22 December 2016

Something Old & Something New, But Definitely Very Cold.

A cold wind blows...

This darling cow, that in my mind I named Susi, might not be anymore as this photo was taken a few years ago. But, whenever I go through my photos, this one makes me smile.
This little bird almost seemed glued onto his twig, yesterday morning. I did get a bit worried in case he had frozen onto it, but when I got a step closer, he flitted off.
Another old favourite of mine. Two pheasants meandering in the Deutsch Schützen vineyards. Vibrant in colour and style.
We tend to forget the minute and intricate beauty of ice and snow. Amazing to think that each icy crystal shape is different to the next.
A perfect display of how steep some of the local vineyards are. Our village, Eisenberg is at the bottom of these vineyards. This particular photo was taken in our first winter here.
Ice everywhere. As you can imagine, it was bitterly cold yet, the vivid brilliance of the icy creations more than made up for a frozen finger or nose...
To end off, here is another re-run. The delightful and meandering walk along the Hungarian border. Romantic even when the skies are foretelling a snow flurry to come. Our part of Burgenland is a sheer joy to live in.