Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Fine English Way Never Goes Out Of Fashion.

Who's Barnaby?

Rather often in the last few years I have been told that everyone likes watching Barnaby. At first I thought how odd it was that grown ups watch a children's cartoon. Barnaby, Barney all so similar that is until...

One should never assume and of course I did. The title of a movie or series is never the same in other countries. Whereas we are huge fans of Midsomer Murders, in Austria everyone is a fan of Barnaby...Inspector Barnaby. I should have known.

But the really surprising bit is that despite an average of three gruesome murders per episode, the overall feel of the murder mystery is rather elegant and dare I say, depicting a gentle way of life. The English way.

Even in our house, murder rules and each night we've put in one of our treasured Midsomer DVD,s which we had slavishly collected ten years ago. One would think that after seeing them numerous times the question of who did it? would be null and void but alas, yours truly has often fallen asleep during the vital bits. Quite nice really, a new movie each time.

The other day while walking with the gals, we were discussing the disappearance of a part time village resident and the murmurs being heard of perhaps the local pond being drained! Oh yes, a real who-done-it on our doorstep. Naturally, my brain having been rewired by a string of murder books and films, I quipped:

" Maybe they'll find a few other skeletons. "
Oops, a tad too much...

Naturally the rumour mill is glowing and when the police arrived a while ago with sniffer dogs, it went into overdrive. As nothing was found, one wonders if he didn't do a runner from his woman?

Alas that would set a bad precedent for many a husband as it has been said that not long after the ink has dried on the wedding certificate, the odd wife has turned into a domestic shrew and really, who could blame some men for dreaming of doing a runner...