Thursday, 1 December 2016

An Advent-ful Competition Ensues.

Marriage, a rather fertile ground for competition.

Some might of course compete on Olympic levels, but in our marriage it's more a case of:

" Good god, you had two rows of this chocolate! Now, I am going to have three rows! "

Isn't it written in stone that it's always the small stuff that matters?

Dear Chocolate manufacturers, please can you invent a type of packaging that doesn't make a noise when opening it. There are ears everywhere...

There are certain sounds and movements in any relationship which penetrate the subconscious with ease; the crackling sound of chocolates being uncovered and the attempt to steal the remote control from a slumbering spouse's clutches.

About a week ago a friend gave me a present, which turned out to be an advent calendar. Not just an ordinary one, but a Lindt one which translates to the most tasty of chocolates. There is only one tiny bit of a problem...she only gave me one calendar. It wouldn't have been a problem at all if I hadn't opened the wrapped present in front of Bob. The minute he glimpsed the first perforated square window, all niceties were off and the competition had started.

It took me all my might to persuade him to at least wait until today to start the fight of who gets to open which ( or eh, all ) little squares.

At one stage he was transported back to his childhood and the joy of opening an advent calendar, but like any seasoned sibling, he'd learned to hide it from his older brother. Older brothers seem to have been born with the useful knowledge of how to eat all the chocolates without opening any of the squares...and then passing it off as a manufacture's fault.

Anyway, the two of us have made a healthy decision to be grown up about it and Bob will open all the odd numbers and I, the even ones...that is, unless he's already had a head start and found the opening on the back?

Marriage, never dull and always fun.


Tomorrow is my turn...