Thursday, 15 December 2016

Bob Makes A Bookshelf For Us.

Drilling, measuring, hammering with the odd curses thrown into it.

The two of us come with books. Books, an indelible spirit of adventure and not much else came with us to Burgenland. Even though our house is big with many outbuildings, we had a lack of shelving.

A while ago we bought two large plastic containers, filled them full of books and stashed the whole lot in our eloquently named Summer Kitchen ...who knows, someday not to far off, Bob might drill and hammer to make it into a tiny library. A chimney is in there already, and coupled with an old leather chair, it might be the best place to devour books.

Last Saturday Bob made us go to town in order to purchase the bits and "bobs" needed to make a bookshelf. Wondering to myself if and when he would assemble them, I merely nodded along to his suggestions. When he started to measure and drill on Wednesday morning, I sat meekly on the couch, watching him and more importantly, not saying words resembling suggestions or one is wont to do as a wife!

Once or twice a choice word was dropped, but not more than other men would have done. But, he really enjoyed the work involved and the last part of it was his favourite. Bob likes method and order, the main reasons why he was in his element stacking the bookshelf with our treasures.

Bob has got the memory of an elephant and was walking from one side of our house to the other, in order to collect books by the same author. Actually, both of us are serial readers and support authors with fervour ( oh yes, Agatha Christie and Georgette Heyer are vying for space on the top shelf ).

At one stage he accused me of giving one of his books to Goodwill, in the same manner that I had disposed of his tight leather pants...oh no, not the Austrian type, but the Ross Gellar- Friends type. Luckily I remembered the plastic boxes in the Summer Kitchen just in time, because honestly, I wondered if I had given some of his books away.

Anyway, I am pleased as punch with our new bookshelves and so proud that Bob put them up. Fantastic, Schatzi.

The first of two shelves made by Bob. Brilliant, I love it.