Tuesday, 6 December 2016

When Did This Culinary Laziness Creep In?

The joys of bread.

You know last Monday, the day after a Sunday spent grazing almost every morsel in our larder, something made me stop at our local Eisenberg shop and pick up a loaf of rye bread. Yum, it was freshly made and I knew we had butter galore. Anyway, I came home just before lunch and Bob had gotten home a few minutes before me.

As they say, great minds think alike and he too, had picked up a whole loaf of bread at the Deutsch Schützen shop. So, there we were, with two humongous loaves of bread. Almost biblical when you consider that each weighs about 1kg. Never mind the cost...a total of about 8 euros. Crazy.

Anyway, as we don't own a freezer and also didn't want to waste so terribly, ( who are we kidding? we both don't like stale bread! ) we decided to drop one loaf off at my folks as they have a huge freezer. Even that was rather funny...I had a late lesson and when I got to my parents house, the door was locked and knocking didn't help either.

Okay, they might have gone to bed early and so I left the loaf between the two doors and it having been cold outside, it wouldn't have mattered if they had only discovered it in the morning.

Mum phoned a bit later and knowing it was her, I answered the phone:

" Hello, this is the bread fairy's house. "
which floored her, as she had thought a friend had dropped a loaf off for them and they had already had some. Honestly, I was happy that the bread was being eaten.

Fast forward to this Monday, where we decided to make a loaf of bread and like good country dwellers, we had flour, yeast and everything needed. Bob, was deputized as the bread maker and honestly, his bread always taste divine, which he proved by making a most stunning creation with mere flour, water, yeast and precision.

It sounds complicated and full of culinary hurdles to make your own bread, but that is such a misconception. The hardest bit about baking is the waiting...one hour. But no, I lie, the really hard bit is the self control needed in order not to rip and tear into it like a pack of hungry wolves, the minute it emerges from the hot oven!