Saturday, 17 December 2016

Contrary To Popular Belief, Paradise Isn't Always Hot.

Frosted blades of grass weighed down in pulchritude.

The frozen pond of Eisenberg shows off its romantic side.
A bridge in solitude providing a platform to imagination and anglers.
Just as the sun is rising, the frosted blades of grass shimmer in a multitude of brilliance, each bunch more stunning then the next.
The bridge over the Pinka river. The sun's rays were bouncing off the stone wall and gave the bridge a golden glow.
A close up of the stone wall. I wonder when it was built? Our area was part of the Roman Empire from about the first century AD, which is something I find so very interesting. Burgenland does have many layers of history.
To end off, I think this photo accurately depicts the temperature this morning. Jolly cold yet divinely beautiful.