Monday, 26 December 2016

Another Idol.

George Michael, the 80's personified.

Being a teenager in those notorious 80's, one couldn't escape Wham! nor George Michael. And why would one in any case? Every disco frequented, had a few Wham! songs and those were the ones that got us onto the dance floor.

There must have been a whole lot of us ( now slightly older ) fans, who had a procession of his songs flit through our minds this morning. Or to put it another way, his songs are woven into the tapestry of our lives.

We all remember where we first heard for example; Last Christmas, Careless Whisper, Club Tropicana or Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Pop music was just that...popular. Our generation must have been lucky to have so many young performers, that many thought might be those One hit wonders, morph in front of our eyes into superstars that lasted through a few decades. George, Kylie and others.

Back in the 80's, many boys tried to grow their hair into a George Michael do. Slightly longer and very blond. An almost insurmountable problem in South Africa at the time...School was very strict and boys only sported a short, back and sides do. Some did try their best to explain the sudden blonde hair colour as having been done by the sun.

There was such a feeling of glamour in all his videos and I think that too, made us become his fans. Of course when you see these videos now, they look terribly simple and garish, but back then they were cutting edge and helped many of us dream of a different life. Escapism at its best.

Anyway, thank you to this superstar for having given us so many precious memories, not to mention the hours of divine wool gathering we had, while listening to either Wham! or George's songs.