Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Eh, What Day Is It Today?

Losing track of time.

A few public holidays on the trot coupled with a weekend will do the trick. Honestly, quickly, tell me what day it is today. Not so easy, is it?

Christmas is one of the only holidays that help us forget the almighty daily rut. For a few days, no shops are open and thus the only reason to step outside is either to visit family, go to church or for a walk. Rather a relaxing time when the option of shopping is taken out of the equation.

Bob and I went shopping a few days before the event, grocery shopping that is. Conundrum indeed, trying to estimate how much we'd eat, knowing the shops would never be open again...oh, that's how it seemed when we looked into other shopper's trolleys. Stuffed to the rafters with food of every description.

Now that we are approaching some sort of normality, shops are open again, it turns out that our cupboard, fridge and earth cellar are far from empty. The latter place I'm most happy about as it moonlights as a wine cellar. Good golly, imagine running out of vino over this long holiday? What a horrible thought.

For some reason each of the last couple of days has seemed like a Sunday and the cup of those elusive Months of Sundays is filling up. There is a feeling of relaxed joyfulness about and more and more people are uncovering the almost historic fact that life without a turn on its treadmill can be fun, enjoyable and far less taxing on the system.

I have finally worked out that today is a Tuesday but as this coming weekend is another long one, the puzzle of what day it might be is far from over. Thank goodness for that, as there is nothing nicer than to lose track of time and live in a happy limbo, while eating all those divine Christmas cookies, chocolates and Lebkuchen.