Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bob Surprises Me Yet Again.

And with Leo, the hits keep on coming...

Straight away some of you might think that I was the recipient of a bunch of roses, a bar of chocolate, a candle lit dinner or even a spotless house but alas, it wasn't so.

The two of us were gracing the family chariot with our presence and for a change the radio won over Bob's treasured alternative music CD. Isn't it funny how even though I don't like alternative music, I can almost sing along. I did mention it was one CD? It is no secret that I am more of a Sinatra fan and our tastes in music tend to go their separate ways, but opposites attract and so forth, although at times our tastes in music does tend to leave both of us a tad bit speechless.

It happened as we passed the Grosspetersdorf sign ( oh yes, it was so memorable that I won't forget! ) that the opening bars of a Leo Sayer's ballad struck up. Naturally, I knew all the words, intonations and sang expertly and loudly along, but the real surprise was my husband, he who has an affinity for The Strokes suddenly singing along to Leo word and pitch perfect.

" Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah. I love you more than I can say..."

A real eye opener for me to see that he wasn't just merely singing, gosh no, he could have won any Karaoke competition and if it hadn't been for driving, he might have broken out in some form of dance routine too. Oh yes, standing ovation stuff, or hiding below the dashboard stuff...

After having recovered from seeing a few other surprised faces in the passing cars ( village speed limit having applied ), who might have mistaken us for a modern version of Wayne's World , I turned to Bob and only needed to raise my left eyebrow for him to spill his gut...

" I only know this song because Brett made a tape when we were kids and played it all day long. He liked Leo Sayer, not me. "
Aha, the famous blame it on your brother excuse.