Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Dinner For One Day Has Arrived.

Cheers yet again.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I actually saw in the New Year. By ten o'clock the lure of dreamland is greater than the lure of a toast at midnight. Not because I might have imbibed too much, but because my body wants to rest.

How many of us will laugh at this famous Dinner For One skit and feel better for only having had two or three drinks and not stumbling about?

Our neighbour ( no, another one ) has invited us to pop over and join their party and let's see whether we make it to midnight. As I was brave enough to marry a youngster ( the Bobster, at four years my junior seems to be blessed with far more party stamina than his cougar wife ) he might complain about seeing me nod off in a corner somewhere. Nothing more embarrassing for him than to see me inelegantly falling asleep on a chair, with my head doing the sleep nod and on the backward flip letting out a snore or two. Ah, what can one say about the youth of today...

Do you remember how as teenagers we longed and counted the days for the New Year's Eve party as it was the one and the only time to be able to garner a kiss without seeming forward and brash. That is, if one had been clever enough to be in the vicinity of the longed for person. The more popular the chap, the more a bevy of beauties would be elbowing themselves into the correct positions.

Perhaps it helped celebrating so many parties in a hot climate, with most of the time a swimming pool being about. Feeling a tad bit tired was never a problem as a quick dash into the cold pool was enough to enable a few more hours of dancing and mingling.

A lot of the village social circles are highly adept at partying until the sun comes up despite being in eh, my age group or older...with cunning they start playing cards when tiredness beckons and if that doesn't blow out the tiredness, they merely step outside into minus 5 or so degrees. far better than a swimming pool.

Wherever you are spending New Year's Eve, have a fun time, don't drink and drive and for goodness sake, please don't let off any fireworks. Think of the animals and pets.