Sunday, 1 January 2017

Isn't It Just Another Day?

The first day of the year isn't always full of cheer.

First of January holds many promises but alongside them many headaches, ills and sketchy memories. Some are just now going to sleep while others have greeted the new year already.

Today is the day that we've made a pact ( gosh, doesn't that sound rather devilish ? ) with ourselves to initiate our New Year's resolutions...that is if we remember them this early on.

Hands drawn back from the cookie jar as if burned, wondering at the same time why on earth a diet was part of the resolutions. Whatever habit is to be broken, the attempt of it could drive many a spouse to start another habit. Do you know how cranky the newly non-smokers can get? Or the suddenly cold turkey food crowd...sans sugar, spice or anything nice?

Bob and I haven't made any resolutions and it's been a few years since. Living life in moderation most of the time let's us sail through life with a more even keel.

Ringing in another year is a privilege that many would give their eye's teeth for and I try and to be grateful for it. Thoughts of dieting should be weighed against thoughts of people without food at all.

Don't most of us laugh at beauty contestants in Miss World / Austria / Universe contests when they finish the answer to any question with;

"...and above all, I would like to have world peace..."
but you know, they do have a point. World peace is a good resolution to wish for and I can't help thinking that it starts with being at peace with the people in our life...At least part of this new January, let's try and emit kindness, niceness and laughter to all the people we meet.