Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ambulating With My Husband.

No, no, it's not as naughty as it sounds!

When he assented to a walk yesterday morning, you could have knocked me over with a feather. It was the coldest day so far and at minus 16, a bit of a marital poser. Was it a mere bluff on his part and was he hoping to deter me with little comments of the coldness outside?

Turning a deaf ear to his hints at the iciness outside, I called his bluff and therefore the two of us were perambulating about the neighbourhood. The roads were iced over and we chose the forest path instead which was a bit less treacherous. The first kilometer was so cold that we hardly spoke but trotted along to get feeling back into our gloved fingers and multi socked feet. Madness indeed.

After half an hour, feeling returned and the odd sun ray warmed a patch of our exposed cheeks and we could even converse without having our lungs freeze. Rather a nice start to our morning. In fact, I loved it.

We did the Eisenberg lower Weinberg circular route and on the return arc, it was brought home to me that Bob might actually be he's got the luck of them. It was the first day that he has gone for a stroll in a year or so ( the other night when he walked home, was more incidental ) and a few of his friends were standing on the pavement as we passed.

Naturally, they were mightily impressed that Bob was walking despite it being so very cold. Actually they were more than impressed, they were even a bit awed and envious as we all have to deal with the after effects of a scrumptious and abundant culinary two weeks of holidays but face a glaring lack of willpower.

This morning, the weather is a tad bit warmer and I must say that I'm very much looking forward to another bit of ambulation with my Bobster....although, he's been setting up a bit of a veto situation as he's supposedly already stubbed his little and big toe. Hold thumbs...