Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bob Goes Shopping.

Small village living at its best.

At the moment it is freezing or rather below freezing cold and yesterday we planed to drive to Deutsch Schützen to get some more bags of pellets. After a couple of hours of work I got home to fetch Bob.

" Oh, you don't need to come along. I can do the shop on my own. "
Fair enough and honestly, I was rather glad to stay indoors. Off he went, with the added promise of buying some soup vegetables as he felt like making a soup for lunch. Oh yes, you don't need to remind me...I married well!

The whole shop should've only taken ten minutes tops and I got caught up in domestic chores
( they could have included some Candy Crush ) and looked up in surprise as Bob came bouncing in about an hour later.

" You won't believe it, but I met H at the shop and he asked me to go with him to the Lagerhaus for a beer and a chat. "
They are both on leave and Bob was chuffed to meet up with his friend. This Lagerhaus is in fact a builder's warehouse which has a little table where they have a coffee machine and a fridge. This table is mostly occupied with the local men meeting for a coffee, drink and an exchange of news...a.k.a. gossip. Oh yes, men do it too.

Bob told me that halfway into this meeting, the door opened and his doctor ( naturally he lives here too ) came in. Gosh, our doctor is so sharp and clever that with laser precision he singled out Bob and said:

" Bob, this will raise your sugar and cholesterol levels! "
As I've said many times before, our local doctors saved Bob's life by correctly discovering his diabetes and even yesterday, the doctor did his job...Bob was as good as a lamb for the rest of the day and only ate the right foods.

Anyway to get back to the story, when Bob did eventually make it home, I was most surprised to see a little more than just vegetables. He had quite obviously taken a mere shop to heart and came home with a nice chicken to boot.

" We can have soup for lunch, but I thought a grilled chicken would be great for supper"