Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Could You Manage Being Snowed In For A Week?

With only your other half for company?

Obviously there would be enough food, TV and books but no Wi-Fi. Sadly, the latter could be a deal breaker as the addiction to anything online is almost unbreakable and there might be a few spouses walking miles through snow albeit with shoes trying to get an internet reception, rather than spending precious time snowed in.

Our modern lives are so inundated with socializing, be it in real or pretend life, that we often forget or sadly don't even know our spouses anymore. Getting enough likes and shares from acquaintances, school friends not seen since school, and newly minted online friends seems to be more important than finding out how a day at work went.

It might be interesting to find out if since the advent of social media more couples have split up? For lack of common interests which can quickly disappear if not nurtured. Even something so normal as eye contact is being neglected by constantly looking down at a Smartphone to make a well construed off the cuff ( a new oxymoron ? ) contribution to someone's conversation.

Isn't it strange that once you've befriended folks on Facebook, you tend to know most ( only the shiny bits ) of their lives yet, when you see them in town or at a function, they are perilously close to being strangers. Often, I wonder if I should go up to them and say:

" Nice photo / well done / what were you thinking? "

Back to spending a week snowed in...wouldn't that be fantastic? Reading, eating, talking and in some cases re-meeting a spouse. Holidays away are well and good, but incorporating a week of doing nothing in your own four walls, might be a much better way to recharge the batteries of your soul not to mention getting those bits of yourself back that are constantly hooked into the nebulous web.

How on earth do kids manage today? They are never without a Smartphone and even have it next to them at night. Exhaustion must be the new norm...Sad.