Friday, 20 January 2017

And Then There's Always Candy Crush.

A companion on important days.

The times they are a-changing and being a little bit unsettled isn't unheard of. Especially today, when the " new leader of the free world " is sworn into office, a changer of thoughts is more than welcome. You know, we can't all smoke an endless supply of cigarettes nor drink and endless amount of alcohol as the sun's still up and it would be a tad bit unseemly.

Brilliant how the makers of CandyCrush have garnered the market of having 100 % of our attention. Without it, most of your friends do surge ahead in this game of skill, luck and levels. Bob and I play it on our computer and no, not all day long ( not because of self control but due to a lack of lives in the game ) and this morning it did the job of making me forget the events of the day ahead.

A decade ago the game of alternate reality was the ubiquitous Solitaire played on a computer. Facebook was still in nappies and one more or less competed with oneself in the aptly called Solitaire. A delightful way to while the time away.

Go back another decade or so, and Solitaire was played in the traditional way, which had endured for centuries...with two packs of cards, a table and only a glass of wine for company. Hours and hours of fun.

Today, History is etching another page to its long list of events and we are witnessing it from the comfort of our armchairs and sadly a lot of us will not learn from past events of history as most of us don't take the time to read up on the lessons learned in the past.

I was thankfully given the chance to read an article about President Obama and his love of reading and how reading helped him navigate the stressful times in office more calmly and more importantly without rash response or judgement.

New York Times article: Obama's secret to surviving the White House years.

What today might lead to, is still a blank page in the annals of history and unless we start to read about history, we are on course to repeat it.