Friday, 13 January 2017

Feeling Slightly British...

You are what you read...

There is nothing nicer than if your other, better or younger half also loves reading and conversely, it is a tad difficult if they don't. As I've had a relationship once where he didn't see the point of reading, the first thing I asked Bob when we met, was if he liked reading...and the rest is history!

Once either of our noses are stuck in a book the other doesn't get offended when answers are terse, leaning towards non existent. Sign language comes to the fore and nods coupled with grunts suffice.

What I've noticed recently is that Bob, as soon as I turn on the sign language, picks up his book and reads on the other couch. Rather quaint and fitting in winter with the roar of the oven being the only noise and our Mausi having a pick of two delightful laps to snuggle on. In fact, she's rather fond of books too as she rubs her little face in ecstasy against the cover.

The most used and useful hand signal in our marriage is the Rock Paper Scissors decision as it magically gets cups of tea, dinners and dishes made. I fear that we look like a couple of extras in Flintstones when we sit, grunt and make fists...

Christmas has been jolly kind to us and we've stepped out and ordered a few books. Cunningly, I let Bob order from his stash first, knowing I'd have plenty of material to read after he's read them. The only fear when he ordered was that the fantasy genre would take center stage ( really not my thing ) but luckily he is on a mystery, thriller bender and thus a murderous feast awaits me.

My new favourite British city is Brighton...oh yes, Peter James has me glued to the goings on there. Goodness me, but he is addictive. Bob's slavilshly following Lynda La Plante and that has both of us feeling British.

Yesterday I got home late from extra lessons and how divine to be greeted by the aroma of baking wafting throughout the house...Bob had made a batch of scones, which we both love. He later admitted to feeling a bit let down as their wasn't any cream to whip up and plum and red wine jam had to suffice for the strawberry variety he loves. Ah, the good life...!