Monday, 2 January 2017

A Weekend Of Conspiracy Theories, A Fabulous Family Breakfast And A Fondue.

Could life be any better?

The world over TV channels cover the same topics over the festive season. It starts with a murder being solved by Miss Marple and ends with conspiracy theories about the long departed rich and famous. Maybe we are more receptive with a full stomach...

New Year's Eve saw us spending part of the evening with our neighbours and it was a fabulous surprise to see the table laden with three fondue pots and all the yummy bits that go in them. A lovely way to while the hours before midnight. Fondue-ing enables much more conversation during the few minutes spent waiting for each piece of meat to cook.

Well oiled with wine, we had a few conspiracy theories of our own and more importantly weren't afraid to share them ( in this instance the we is royal ). Sitting there among our neighbours' big family and seeing the diversity of its members, it proved once again that it doesn't matter who and what you are as long as you have a family to go to and feel a part of. The family table is a great equalizer and mere possessions alone won't cut muster. Character, humour and kindness are the real wealth that binds a family together.

On Sunday or rather the first day of the New Year saw us go to my parents for a traditional family breakfast, complete with candles on the table, delectables of all sorts covering it and not a TV in sight. A breakfast where a coin toss was needed to decide what to savour first. My mum's an ace at making divine breakfasts and even Bob's eyes took an a particular sparkle when he saw there was enough of everything to go around.

We were back home by half past eleven and full as ticks ready to watch a round of interesting historical programs intermingled with re-runs of classic comedies and movies. Quite nice really, as there was no reason to venture outside for the rest of the day.

It's been said that how you spend the first day of your new year determines the rest of it and what a nice thought indeed as my year will be filled with family, wonderful breakfast and a relaxing time spent at home with not a single dirty dish in sight as Bob was kind enough to do the dishes...How will your year ahead unfold?