Saturday, 21 January 2017

When Eisenberg Freezes Over.

Life slows down.

The slew of ice continues and the roads have gotten another layer of the shiny stuff. Last night the Bobster and I were invited to our neighbour's birthday party and ventured forth on foot, daring the layers of ice meeting us along the way to get the better of us. Close at times but no match for our cunning display of survival....Sturdy shoes ( that somehow got more attention then the ever present pretty footwear the trendy bunch wear at the party ) and a torch!

Earlier, in the quest of earning a few bob, I braved two separate iced over hills with the chariot. Gosh, darn and yikes, a true test of my courage and one stage I parked the car on an even piece of ice, got out to lock it and noticed it rolling back...a quick re-manoeuvring coupled with a prayer.

Someone said last night that the temperature would hit minus 16 during the night, and honestly, if it hadn't been for my own personalized hot water bottle ( a.k.a. Mausi ) the night would have been shivering affair.

This morning it is delightfully sunny with clear skies...more ice. For the last few weeks Bob and I have been looking forward to the Kitzbühel Classic and in three hours it starts. A downhill alpine skiing competition that takes your breath away when you see the difficulty of it. Over three kilometers of steep, icy piste skied on waxed skies which give the skiers up to 140 kph! This run really separates the men from the boys...I've posted a clip for you to have a look.