Monday, 16 January 2017

A Return To A Simpler Lifestyle.

The world at large isn't that appealing anymore.

At the moment it feels as if a layer of at best confusion and at worst ugly deception has changed our outlook on life. Be it real or made to be imagined, is still a mystery.

It is quite naive of me to say it, but somehow the lack of reading more than a tweet or a social media entry has paved the way for many misleading thoughts, ideas and information to be infused into the daily media diet of the Smartphone generation.

Before the advent of Googling everything, one had to make the effort to read the different opinions to various subjects or ideas. Which is how it should be. It helped to shape our brains into more than malleable material. There was also not such a vast amount of information trying to fight for a space in our minds.

Since this rather less than diplomatic recent presidential election and the consequent constant coverage of the goings on in the political landscape over yonder, I've started to change channels as soon as a newscast begins. Goodness gracious me, there are other more important things in the world than to have to look at tweets.

Suddenly, the world at large has taken second place to the world at and in our home. Feelings of gratitude and contentment are resurfacing with aplomb. Spending time at home is making a fashionable comeback.

Switching off the ubiquitous input of news, be it old style through turning off the TV or by switching off the Smartphone, has made space for that all important feeling of happiness. Our minds and brains weren't meant to be mini computers that store just about every information one could imagine. At first it was fun reading all those posts on social media but it has turned out to be extremely tiring and it's no wonder so many are suffering from stress and burn out.

We can't save the whole world, but by making our own little bit in it happy, content and loved, perhaps ironically that might save whole world after all.