Saturday, 7 January 2017

Tape Recorders Should Be Standard Issue For Couples.

It could help spotty memories.

The local sports club had a Glühwein affair yesterday afternoon, to which my first reply was;

" What? There is a local sports club? "
and then Bob explained to me that it was the youth rather than the more older lot. He wanted to attend and organized with his friend to go. I stayed home for two was jolly cold outside and a husband needs to go off on his own too.

The event was in Eisenberg - Weinberg, which is about 3 kilometers from us. With foresight I had suggested for Bob to take a torch with him. People like to stay late and it's good to be able to walk home if needed.

Somehow I settled in for a quiet evening and to my surprise, Bob came home rather early and with a new mindset...Honestly, I was rather proud of him for walking home ( which he said he did, but did he really? ) as it was minus 12 degrees and pitch black. Oh yes, he grudgingly thank me for the torch advice!

As you know, I walk most mornings and have given up trying to influence the Bobster ( perhaps I should try it Russian style a la social media ) to walk with me. He is fond of every excuse in the book from he having to do the dishes to his little toe having a gouty twinge. Never mind, I got the drift.

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather last night:

" Schatzi, I'm going to walk with you tomorrow morning. I actually felt good walking home just now. "
Good grief, where is the real Bob? He did have a few Glühweins last night, so as we speak, I am reminding him of his promise and honestly, it would help vastly to have had a recording of his promise.

As I look out the window, I can see my darling husband praying for a strong wind, rain or some other deal breaking event...