Saturday, 28 January 2017

Prepping And Preening For The Ball. far just the hall.

Today is the day for that annual Eisenberg Fireman's Ball and last night the finishing touches were made. During the week, the strong men from the Feuerwehr did the heavy lifting involved with setting up the many tables, chairs and cables. Bob had helped on Tuesday night and last night the girls were allowed to help...perhaps because of our sense of style?

Anyway, despite the minus - what felt like a thousand - degrees, many braved the cold to help. Rather a festive and social affair this getting together. Mingling is easier than at the ball itself and conversations are much better understood without the band playing. Although they were busy setting up which included a few soundchecks, and dare I say...yikes those were loud and had the occasional screetches.

Many hands do make light work and it took about an hour to do the final finishing touches and with each year the work becomes more innate without having to shadow the ladies in the know. Nothing worse than standing about fiddling your thumbs because you don't know where to apply them. Of course there were some who enjoyed spectating too.

To my mind, these pre-ball get together's are much more fun and help cement local relationships slowly but surely. During the ball ( I've been to last year's one ) the lights are dimmed, the music tres loud and unless one hangs onto the bar counter, the chair at the table is permanent for a good few hours. Conversing with the ear of your table neighbour does pale after a while not least because of the misunderstandings coupled with occasional spittle.

Last week saw the Deutsch Schützen Youth Ball which Bob attended ( it took us a few years to realize that youth wasn't a requirement for attending but denotes the hosts of it ) together with some new friends who are new to Eisenberg ( one has a girlfriend from here ) and the cool way of life.

Surprisingly, one of these new friends is a young man from South Africa and despite living in Vienna, he thought that last week's ball was the bee's knees and he should be there tonight as well...ah, another convert to the good life to be had in our part of Burgenland.