Thursday, 5 January 2017

Honey, It's Cold Outside...

An Austrian Winter With A Difference.

Eisenberg's church. The few leaves left dangling on the branches hint at the coldness of winter. Most trees are covered in a frosting of ice which makes them extremely beautiful to behold.
When most think of winter in Austria, they picture snow packed mountains and a warm chalet high on the alm. Burgenland isn't like that and in fact we are lucky to have snow at all.
Today it must be minus something dreadful because as I ventured outside to take a few photos, my fingers froze.
The birds don't seem to mind braving an icy air. Word has gotten about that Bob throws handfuls of birdseed every morning.
The roads are treacherously covered in a thin layer of ice which makes it impossible to go for a walk. Not worth the risk although it does look inviting. Our driveway.
To end off, another bit of cinema noir....a blackbird looking for food in our garden.