Monday, 9 January 2017

Have You Ever Hidden Stuff And Not Found It Again?

Do couple hide more or less?

Why do I hide things? Well, mostly from myself if it is a case of chocolates etc and in fact back in S.A. I even hid money from myself in order not to spend it and had such a happy surprise when I found it a year later. Honestly, I had forgotten. Extreme saving...

Lately, after many friends abundantly blessed me for Christmas ( chocolates, pralines, Lindt bits and numerous homemade biscuits ), I have taken up my old hobby of hiding things again. Not because I am mean but because Bob does have a touch of diabetes.

Bob could have made a career as a Trüffel Schwein, as he sniffs out even the merest hint of chocolate a mile away. Plus, through our years together he his gotten wind of most my hiding nooks. Well, almost all of them...

Just a day before Christmas, mum came over to see Mausi and eh, us too. Our little feline usually gets a treat from Oma, but not us. Anyway, mum saw how laden the windowsill was with sugary creations and asked me why they hadn't been hidden away. She knows Bob's love of sweets.

Throwing away stuff was out of the question, so when Bob wasn't looking the two of us hid most of the pralines. Hid them well. Anyway, after mum had left, Bob noticed the lack of delectable treats and asked what had happened?

" Schatzi, you know you shouldn't eat them, so now they are gone. "
" NOOOO, how could you? Did you hide them in the house or did Monika take them with her? "
A nonchalant shoulder shrug and a clever diversion of topic had Bob cemented in the idea of the sweets having changed house. Well, I knew the truth and when he wasn't about, had one or three Lindt pralines. Delicious!

Each time I made sure to put them back into hiding, yet somehow they were hiding in plain sight. Among Mausi's culinary boxes and cleverly at the back row. I knew Bob usually takes the closest one.

This morning, at six am. Bob went to get food for the princess ( she has ways and means of making us get up to feed her ) and stupidly I asked him to get a different type of dry food...well, a few moments later he, who had just woken up, was dancing about and singing; " oh happy days " at the top of his lungs and when I asked him why, he couldn't answer as he was already putting a dent in our stash of pralines.