Monday, 12 December 2016

The Lure Of Sunday's Couch Proves Irresistible.

A couch per person should be the norm.

The older I get the more enthusiastic certain ideas, those that in the past were only enjoyed by the older generation, are being adopted by me. In fact, the more the better.

Is there anything more heavenly than the woozy feeling of sleep about to descend whilst watching something on the telly, reclining luxuriously and lazily on a couch?

Ironically the more noise there is, the easier it seems to enter the la-la land of make believe, dreams and possibilities. A place where my soul gets recharged, or rather charged with taking life a bit more easily. Sometimes this sleep doesn't even reach a full hour but it is a sleep that couldn't be more thorough.

Falling asleep on the couch is also a sign of feeling comfortable in a relationship. Let's be honest, hardly anyone falls asleep as gracefully as they do in the movies. Oh no, in the contraire; mouth agape, snores galore and the odd trail of drool down the side of one's mouth are how us ordinary folks snooze the time away on the couch.

You know, the only way we know about the rather inelegant way of sleeping, is by watching others and the odd (!) times we wake ourselves up through an extremely loud snore. That one, where we pretend to still be asleep for a while in order to suss out if anyone has noticed!

Thinking back, I sort of tried not to fall asleep on a couch for at least a few months into our relationship, just in case the Bobster would have done a runner...

This time of the year lends itself perfectly for an hour's worth of couch sleep. Looking outside and seeing the icy blue of a winter's sky coupled with the odd falling snow flake, makes the couch about the only place to be on a Sunday afternoon. I can't believe it took me so long to find out about it...after all, growing up I'd seen my grandparents and parents occupy couches.