Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Another Habitual Practice Gets Pawed.

Who would've known we'd get a little genius kitty...

Blah blah fish paste and so forth concerning the cuteness of said kitty but honestly, her cleverness needs to be mentioned.

For years I have been a slave to a morning routine, starting with the first earsplitting sound of the alarm clock. Even Mausi has adjusted her routine and she steps ahead of me as she's now understood the way mum wakes up. When the first chime of the alarm resonates, she rushes through to the other room, where I have to walk to to switch it off. Insurance tactics against falling back to sleep.

She endures the sound of the coffee grinder and with a wily glint in her eye awaits the next bit. The couch has to be sat on just there, there where I can put my coffee cup on the desk, can see the TV with clarity while the iPad just has to be put on my lap to peruse mail and of course play games.

Mausi has instinctively understood what many scientists have studied for years...

Once the iPad is open, attention is gone into the cloudy realm of the Internet.

This last week, she has perfected her assault on this usurper of my attention. At first she'd jumped up and down on the couch next to me and that garnered her an absent minded cuddle. Sad, but true! Well, yesterday she hit jackpot. While I was playing that addictive Candy Crush, she stood firmly next to my lap and kept on bumping her little face against the side of the iPad.

I put it aside more out of worry that she'd push it off my lap than to give her attention. Within two seconds of my taking the usurper off my lap, she jumped into it. Into it with the cutest of cuddle moves a cat can make. Nothing for it but to have her doze on my lap for ten minutes while continually stroking her.

Lest I thought it was an aberration, this whole process was repeated in its entirety this morning. Apparently a new morning routine has been minted...

An hour later, she paraded her little blue rubber ball around ( she carries it with her teeth and then drops it, lets it bounce a few times and then she chases it ) and clearly wanted me to join in a game of fetch.

" Mausi, go take the ball to your father and he'll play with you. "
Goodness, was I surprised when a few seconds later I heard:
" Oh, what a clever girl. Come let me throw it for you. "
Can you believe that she actually took her blue ball to Bob and dropped it at his feet?


This photo was taken last year, but as you can see the blue ball was her favourite toy even then.