Sunday, 13 November 2016

Extremely Sunny Yet Bone Chillingly Icy.

Hardly a cloud in the sky and a treat to behold Eisenberg.

A bit of mystique or a bit of romance? You decide.
The birch tree still has a summer glow and makes a perfect frame for Eisenberg's vineyards.
One of the many hunter's lodges scattered about the fields and forests. A nice perch.
A way into the maize of our local forest. Unless Bob's with me, I tend to avoid these tempting lanes.
Hidden in plain sight. It was so spectacular seeing the sun's rays illuminate the colourful bits of this bit of forest.
These two buddies are purely there to scare off the birds...and I have to admit that this eh, bird, once or twice called out a cheery greeting. Of course only when I didn't wear my glasses.