Tuesday, 29 November 2016

" There Is Just No Time To Read. "

A bit of a red flag for this book lover...

Ingenuity makes time:

  • The obvious is naturally in the sacred chamber; ie the bathroom. A room where often reading is the first order of business!
  • At the kitchen table while awaiting for the water to boil for pasta, tea or anything else.
  • During those incredibly long TV commercials.
  • Waking up half an hour earlier to finish a chapter.
  • While waiting anywhere, be it at the doctors, dentist or coffee shop.
  • After bedtime, reading with a torch under the blanket ( my fond memories of finishing the Famous Five while still a very young Mädchen ).
  • Turning off the television and just reading.
  • Taking the book to work / school and using every bit of available break time to read pages. Once a book has taken hold of your reality and mingled it with its, any and every sentence sneaked in is a bonus.
  • Becoming a library monitor at school and having the best of both...choosing good books and being able to read them there in the guise of work.
  • Inventing a mysterious and sudden stomach upset and staying home from work or school. The ultimate luxury for a reading fiend.

A final and rather frightening thought:

Teens spend an average of 9 hours a day on media, which might just be more than they spend sleeping...by the way, that doesn't include homework related usage.