Monday, 21 November 2016

The Unexpected Weight Of History.

A book lover's idea of paradise.

Finally on Friday morning the welcome sound of a knock was heard by Mausi and I. Bob was out working and the two of us were still a bit startled by the sound of a knock but rushed to the door nonetheless. Mausi was more than likely waiting for Oma, in order to spill the beans of life with us and of course to get a treat.

It was our postman with two parcels. Gosh, I think I must have been the happiest of his customers because I didn't know whether to smile, jump up and down with excitement or just enthuse about getting these parcels.

Having signed his computer device ( what has happended that from postman to waitress, hand held computers are the thing ? ) and having wished him a nice weekend, I took the parcels into our lounge and waited for Bob to come home for lunch so that we could open them together. As you can imagine, he was thrilled beyond the pale at our books having arrived.

Yes, we had ordered books, mostly fiction but one non-fiction. A history book and one covering the beginnings of time and I suppose mapping out the path of our ancestors. Well, Bob had chosen it and he chose well.

This bound history book, is a massive tomb of knowledge and can only be read sitting down. Sitting down with a table as support. This book weighs at least four kilograms. Beautifully illustrated and mapped out. A wealth of knowledge that has already peaked my interest after the first 30 pages. But it isn't a book to read lying down, because if one should nod off to sleep, the chances are great to be hurt by it falling on one's face.

Bob and I are avid and wholehearted readers, but despite our common interest we still have different approaches to reading books. When I opened one of the ones I'd ordered, I nearly fainted with pleasure at seeing such small writing and thick circumference. Almost 600 pages of closely packed adventure, murder and romance. Without delay I started on page one and straight away had left Burgenland for the shores of America.

Bob, on the other hand, was deliberating most weekend which book he should read first.( He is also someone who saves his favourite food on a plate for last.) Eventually, yesterday afternoon he did the only thing that would open the first page of either book...

" Schatzi, choose a hand. Left or right? "
and just like that he spent the rest of the afternoon with Deon Meyer in Cape Town.